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What is a Lien Sale?

A lien is placed on a vehicle when the owner owes money and does not pay, and their vehicle is seized and used as collateral.

If the lien is not satisfied, the vehicle becomes the property of the lienholder.

The lien holder is often a tow truck company trying to collect for towing services performed but not paid for.

A lien sale can also be done by an individual when a vehicle is abandoned on their property. Or by a mechanic who is not paid for work performed.

What happens next?

Once the vehicle becomes the property of the lienholder, that person can then sell the vehicle and issue lien sale documents to the buyer.

DMV will issue a new pink slip and license plates.

A lien sale will eliminate any tickets or penalties due from the previous owner.
They do not pass to the buyer.

If registration has not expired on the car this becomes a credit tward the cars future fees -- and -- if registration has expired, these fees must be paid-up by the new owner.

In a lien sale, the smog testing becomes the responsibility of the buyer.

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